ChezPlinio warehouse

CHEZPLINIO is an international pocket for artists in Milan, located in a warehouse. A platform for launching ground-to-air events related to any form of expression.


A penniless project, probably destined to fail soon.


We throw quite two Exhibitions a year, so please just check before coming by.


«Listen dad, I have an opportunity. With three hundred thousand lire I could open a luxury barbershop right here, on the avenue. Only three hundred thousand lire. How about?» «Well! And do you have that three hundred thousand lire?» «Oh no, I thought that maybe you...» «Me? Who knows you? Did you soldier on with me? Are you my friend? No. So what?» «Dad, but I give you back a lot a month…» «You don't have to give me anything back, because I don't give you anything anyway!»


Conversation between Giacinto and Plinio from “Brutti, sporchi e cattivi”, by E. Scola (1976).